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Getting Ready for The Meeting

30 Aug

The smell of the slightly scorched iron heating up and steaming the torrential Florida tap water from its spout. The Ironing board was brown with stains that resulted from burns over the years.  Kingdom Melodies playing in the background, mixed with the sound of the box fan blowing and a string of dust flailing about.  I looked for my white tights everywhere, and I could not find them, so I took some would be Vaseline, but instead Petroleum Jelly from the local Dollar General store.  It was a bit firmer, and harder to spread, but at lease I wouldn’t be ashy.


“Get your Bibles and Songbooks kids” Yelled my mother, and we started to scramble around to make sure we had all of the different books needed.  I hated hearing…”WHERE ARE YOUR KINGDOM HALL SHOES?”  Who deemed them to be kingdom hall shoes, or kingdom hall socks? Even our speech was swayed and anti-social.  The proper term is Dress Shoes, or Dress Socks.  How embarrassed I was when I forgot I was on the outside with “WORLDY” people, and used inside words.


My mom would always wear a bun and a broach on her blouse.  She loves broaches, not sure why.  I assume Euro Envy was the cause of her bearing a silhouette of a white woman on her sleeve.  My brothers would often start an argument with each other and cause my mother to panic about not being at the Hall on time.  Mind you on time, for my mother meant being an hour early.  Dinner was hurried on these nights, and school was the next day, which meant we had to go to bed late on Thursday nights.


I am not sure, but the entire day of the meeting always felt stressful, and tense.  You really couldn’t relax, especially if you had a talk or a part.  SMH – To Be Continued


Hello world!

30 Aug

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